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this is def my fav part of ep5 tho

at first chanyeol is like:


but chen dont give a fuck and keeps going


maybe ur wallet is in chanyeols boobs


and then chanyeol is like




i dont even have ur wallet but yes keep inspecting my body do go on

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EXO with TTS @ SBS Gayo Daejun 2013

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2NE1 & Woobin *

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City Hunter reference 

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how to flirt and steal kris’ heart. a step by step guide by byun baekhyun

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when jongdae is their worst nightmare

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the things you say never fail to amuse me

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baekhyun insisted on kai getting the chance to say his thank you’s, even taking the mic to give it to him.

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His face always amuses me

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